Tseng Consulting Group, Inc.

Is an over 40 years of award winning architecture and engineering firm with main office located at North Miami Beach, Florida. Tseng Consulting Group was founded in 1993 by Dr. George S. Tseng in 1993. Formerly, the firm was known as Weitz & Tseng Associates founded in 1975.

Tseng Consulting Group, Inc

The firm maintains full service capacity with experienced staff in architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, computer aided design, failure analysis, research and development and construction management. The firm and its staff members have been engaged in a wide variety of projects. Many of the projects required the development of unique design concepts.

These projects have included sport facilities, healthcare facilities, residences, apartment buildings, condominiums, hotels and resorts, office complex, bank facilities, government centers, educational facilities, commercial buildings, earthquake resistant facilities, airport facilities, marine structures, antennas and towers structures, and correctional facilities.

The firm's reputation has been built upon its willingness to seek the best possible way to provide economical and aesthetically correct solutions, even when those solutions involve moving beyond the bounds of traditional engineering know-how. The emphasis, however, is always on the practical workable solution utilizing methods that can be handled with ease and with speed. The firm's strength lies in its ability to approach each individual commission as a special project; to bring to bear on that project the combined skills of a team of engineers; to back them up with full services capability, and to integrate all engineering concepts to provide total architectural solutions.

The firm is well-known for its expertise in application of tunnel form construction system to the design and construction of multi-family residential and condominium, hotels and resorts, and correctional facilities.

Over the past 40 years, Tseng Consulting Group has established as one of the leading international architectural and engineering firm for multi-family residential and hotel industries.

Tseng Consulting Group is actively participated in the design and reconstruction of Haiti after 2010 catastrophic earthquake. The projects include Supreme Court, Ministry of Economic and Finance, CSCCA (Cour Superieure des Compteset du Contentieux Administratif), AGD(Administration Generales des Douanes), DGI (Direction Generale des Impots), National Campus for Health Sciences, National Blood Transfusion Center, College Marie Anne.

Tseng Consulting Group, Inc

About The Founder:

Dr. George S. Tseng, PE, is the founder of Tseng Consulting Group since 1993, and founder and president of Weitz & Tseng Associate since 1975 to 1993. Dr. Tseng is a graduate of National Taiwan University, B.S.; Brigham Young University, M.S. and Cornell University, Ph.D.

Dr. Tseng is an active member of American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). He was chairman of ASCE MET Section Seminar on Seismic Design of Buildings, New York City, 1977. He was a Member of Executive Committee of ASCE on Suspension Bridges, and also a member of Executive Committee on Structural Applications of Cables for Building Standards.

In 1964, Dr. Tseng joined Ammann & Whitney , an well-known international consulting firm in New York City as a structural engineer. During his tenure at Ammann & Whitney, Dr. Tseng was responsible for the analysis and design of a wide range of buildings and special structures including tall guyed towers, radar facilities, hardened structures, thin shell and complex cable suspended structures. Projects include the research and development of Perimeter Acquisition Radar Facilities for SAFEGUARD Anti-Ballistic Intercontinental Missile System, Investigation of earthquake vulnerability of Golden Gate Bridge, Antenna radar facilities for United States Information Agency. Dr. Tseng is a recognized expert in structural dynamics. Dr. Tseng developed a computer program for nonlinear analysis of frame structure subjected to dynamic loadings for Department of Defense. Dr. Tseng has published several papers in the fields of Structural Vibration and Structural Design. He was co-author of standard design manuals for blast resistant structures developed for the Department of Defense.

Dr. Tseng has over 40 years of extensive engineering design experience in residential, commercial, institutional, marine, correctional facilities, and hotel and resorts facilities throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Tseng has received recognition from United States Congressional Record for the Reconstruction of Haiti’s National Campus of Health and Sciences, 2016.